Wet Basement Repair

How to Fix a Wet Basement

Wet, Flooding, Cracked Basement?

Get these issues fixed ASAP or the problems will spread, causing dangerous damages to your basement, crawl space, and foundation


If your basement gets wet when it rains, or worse yet, floods after storms, you should get the problem fixed immediately.

Basements, crawl spaces, and foundations shouldn’t be wet. Just because your basement or crawl space are underground doesn’t mean that they should ever be:


In fact, wetness in your cellar, even a little, is an indication that bigger problems are about to hit your home.

See, when your basement gets wet after rain, snow, or even watering your lawn, it means that your yard, especially the soil around your home’s foundation, isn’t draining correctly.

Too much water left in the soil causes it to swell up.

This swelling puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the outer walls of your home’s foundation (the part of your basement walls which are buried. Those walls begin to crack from the pressure, allowing water to push inside.

Water then accumulates at the bottom of your cellar walls, weakening the structure of your home, and this allows water to seep into the inside of your basement or crawl space:

Here’s how to fix your wet basement:

  • Make sure that you are keeping excess water far from your home’s foundation
  • Then, you’ll need a professional to look for drainage solutions
  • This pro should also inspect for small, or large, cracks in your basement walls or floor
  • A plan should be developed to both keep water away from your basement, and to deal with any water that gets too close in case of emergency (during a hurricane, heavy rain storms, etc)


This might sound overwhelming, but we can handle it for you. Waterproofing a basement should always be done by a professional. Cheap waterproofing paints do not work. They’re like putting a band-aid on a chainsaw wound.

Please, don’t let a little water in your basement turn into major structural damage, hazardous mold growth, or  dangerous flooding.

We can help protect your home.

Get a free, no-pressure inspection. Simple enter your info below and one of our specialists will help you protect your basement, your home’s foundation, and your family’s health:








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