Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing both Interior & Exterior

We will rid your basement of water damages by fixing the source of the problem. Waterproofing has also been shown to increase your home’s value by 25% or more

Exterior Drainage Systems

Does your yard flood when it rains? This creates an unhealthy swamp-like environment. We can fit your problem with yard drains and an exterior drainage system

Mold and Mildew Inspection & Remediation

Mold is extremely harmful to your family’s health. It can be lethal for children, pets, and the elderly. We remove the mold from your basement or crawl space, fix the root of the problem and keep mold from every returning

Outside Basement Entrances Installed

Add an entrance to your basement for safety, convenience and even to earn money. An outside entrance can quickly turn your finished basement into a full apartment

Total Cleanout of Basements, Crawlspaces & Garages

Dirty basements, crawl spaces and garages are a fire hazard and can help attract mold, insects and rodents into your home. We will clean them out so that your storage areas are clean, mold-free and safe

Concrete Floor & Sidewalk Removal and Replacement

Cracks in your sidewalk or driveway are a huge safety hazard and potential liability. We will fix the problems for you, fast

Stone, Block, Cement, Brick Foundation Structural Repair and/or Replacement

Don’t let your foundation problem get worse. It can destroy your home! We are experts in foundation repair and will fix your problem permanently

Catch Basins, Drywells & Rerouting Downspouts

These will help your home with drainage and can save your basement and foundation from many problems

Basement Window & Window Wells Repaired

A damaged window well can allow water to pour into your basement, causing foundation problems and mold growth. We will fix or replace them for you so that they drain properly and protect your house

Expert Witness Testifying & Written Reports

Our inspectors can provide written reports and expert testimony in cases of foundation damage, mold infestation and other structural problems

Free Basement Inspection to All Property Owners

No high-pressure sales tactics…just a Free Inspection of your basement problems and how we can fix them for you

Driveway & Sidewalk Drainage Systems

Poor drainage can lead to damage to your driveway, foundation, crawl space and basement






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