Basement Floor Crack Repair

How to Fix Basement Floor Cracks

Is Your Home Suffering from Basement Floor Cracks?

If the walls or floor of your basement are cracking, get this problem fixed immediately


If you’re seeing cracks like those in the video, it’s time to act. Now.

Even small, hairline cracks are a huge cause for concern. These cracks and separations in your basement’s walls or floor will not get better if left alone.

They will spread, weaken your home’s foundation, and put your family’s home at risk for basement flooding, bowed walls, and even foundation failure.

After rain storms, snow, or just overwatering your lawn, the water needs a place to go. Unfortunately, most houses in the NJ, Delaware, and Pennsylvania areas are built on clay-heavy soil. Clay doesn’t drain well, and can cause a nightmare for your basement…

Water from outside of your home will seep in through the outer walls of your basement (the side of your foundation that you’ll never see because it’s buried by the soil around your home)

If this problem is left unchecked, the walls of your basement will weaken, leading to cracks in the walls and floor. Plus, this water erodes the strength your home’s foundation. The longer your home’s foundation is weak, the longer your home is at risk for potentially dangerous problems.

We can help fix your basement floor cracks:

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