Mold Removal environmental assessment certification 1
Is Mold Really Lethal? Is Having Black Mold In Your Basement Dangerous?   It seems amazing… But, after all of the coverage by the media (both nation wide and in the Philadelphia area) and the Center for Disease Control, there are still some “internet experts” out there saying that black […]

Is Black Mold Really Dangerous?

Why do I need a French Drain? To Keep your yard from flooding.
What is a French Drain and Why Do You Need One In Your Yard?   Too much water can weak havoc on your yard and your basement or crawl space. When you get a lot of rain or you over-water your lawn, that water needs a place to go. Because […]

Why Do I Need a French Drain?

3 Easy Ways to Save on Your Heating Costs This Winter   Winter has been absolutely brutal in the Philadelphia area. From North New Jersey though Dover DE, we’ve been blasted with below-zero temperatures, snow and ice storms, and a ton of freezing rain.  If your electric bill is through […]

Video: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills