Is Your Home in Desperate Need of Wet Basement Repairs?

Is the Basement or Crawl Space of Your Trenton Home Constantly Flooding, Becoming Wet and Damp, or Being Taken Over By Mold Every Time It Rains?

This is not an “ok” problem to have and should be fixed ASAP… Before those water damages add up and start to destroy your basement and foundation walls. Most residents of the Trenton area, including places like Ewing, Morrisville, Prospect Park, Hamilton Township, Ramsey, etc., experience water problems in their basement because of the city being so close to the river.

The river and the water table in the surrounding areas is prone to flooding when the rain storms come.

Check out this quick video about wet basement repair in Trenton and all of NJ:

This was really illustrated over the last few years when hurricanes and tropical storms rocked the central NJ area. The river flooded and the water table backed up for years after any time it rained. This means drainage back ups and flooded yards. Add to this the irrigation of everyone’s lawn, nearby farms, run off from businesses in the area and you have a huge drainage problem on your hands. In a city with nearly 85,000 people, that can be a lot of excess water.

Basement waterproofing and better drainage are key to fixing this problem…

What Is So Bad About Your Basement Being Wet?

  • Wet basements and crawl spaces can ruin your home’s foundation (cracks, buckling and bowing walls and weakened foundation walls can destroy your home).
  • Dust Mites love damp, dark areas (they are the number one indoor allergen and can really aggravate your allergies)-
  • Mold growth (extremely unhealthy and can even be deadly – it can start in the basement and spread into your home and even up to your attic).
  • Windows that stick and get stuck (humidity and dampness can cause windows and doors to swell).
  • Decreased home value (homes with moldy, wet basements can be almost impossible to sell because of the structural and health problems that they cause).

We can help you!

We can make sure your basement stays dry in even the strongest of rain storms by waterproofing your basement or crawl space, strengthening your foundation, improving drainage (this is key!), and making sure that water that gets near your home is taken away where it can’t do any damage.

We offer basement waterproofing, wet basement repair, mold remediation, foundation repair and other home improvement services in the Trenton, Ewing, Lawrence Township, Hamilton Township, Bordentown, Berlin and the surrounding areas of NJ.

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