Does Your Yard Flood When It Rains? Does Your Basement Get Wet During Every Storm?

Better drainage in your yard might be the answer to fixing these dangerous, expensive and damaging problems. Here are 3 reasons your yard needs better drainage and how you will benefit from it:


1. Protects Your Lawn and Yard from Flooding Damage

If your yard floods or becomes a soggy mess every time it rains, even a little, then you have a problem on your hands. All of that water can destroy your lawn, keeping it waterlogged and rotting the roots of your lawn. It can also cause bushes, shrubs, trees and plants to experience rotted out roots and cause major damages to your landscape. This is because that water has no where to go.

The ground around your home is most likely clay soil that was topped with a thin layer of top soil.

Clay does not drain well and will cause water to simply sit until it backs up and you have a flooded yard on your hands.

When you put in better drainage, you allow the water to be safely carried away from your home. This is not only important for your lawn, but as you’ll see in number 3, it is also essential to keeping your home’s foundation safe from dangerous damage.

2. Prevents Damage to Your Driveway

When your yard is soaked, it can wreak havoc on your driveway. If you have concrete or cement slab, this is a huge problem because the ground under your driveway will become saturated, shift and cause your driveway to move and crack.

This can lead to you doing a lot of expensive repairs, often. By installing yard and drive way drains, the water is again allowed to escape safely, keeping your driveway free of damage.

3. Keeps Water Away from Your Foundation and Basement

When there is too much water in your yard, your basement and foundation are effected. Excess water means that the ground around your home is saturated and this causes the soil to expand. This expansions creates something called hydrostatic pressure. This type of pressure causes foundation walls, basement walls and basement floors to crack.

– Once the cracks start, water is allowed to get into your basement, weakening the structure and causing flooding, dangerous mold growth and foundation damages. The less water there is in the soil around your home, the less likely you are to have these flooding, foundation and basement problems. Yard drainage won’t completely solve the problem if your basement is already flooding, but, it is a huge step in the right direction.

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