Foundation Repairs

Foundation Repair: We at Basement Waterproofing Specialists can help you repair all styles of foundations for both your home or business.


If your home is experiencing:

  • Basement Wall Cracks
  • Basement Floor Cracks
  • Cracks in the Foundation
  • Flooding in your Basement or Crawl Space

Then we have a foundation repair system that can help you fix the cracks, stop the flooding and save you a ton of money on future repairs. Whether you have brick, cinder block, stone, poured concrete or terra cotta style foundation, we can help you fix it, fast.


  • Hairline wall & floor cracks can be an early warning of potentially serious shifting or settling of the foundation. Many home owners have had cracks in the foundation that haven’t opened for years then without any advance notice they open.


When this happens walls can buckle or even sometimes cave in resulting in further damage and destruction.


  • A simple, inexpensive repair could have potentially prevented a more serious problem costing lots of money.


Foundation repairs in NJ, PA and DE

Foundation repair on this PA area home.

 Many times our repairs can be done on the inside without any outside excavation.


Types of foundations that we specialize in repairing or replacing include:

  • Block
  • Red Brick
  • Old Terracotta


If outside work is needed our crew can do whatever is required even if we have to replace basement walls. One of our recent projects featured structural repair.
  • The photos show heavy structure damage in which we at Basement Waterproofing Specialists repaired, saving the foundation and structure.

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