Exterior Drainage Systems

Is Your Backyard a Swamp That is Possibly Breeding Mosquitoes?


We can help turn your backyard into a safe, dry environment by utilizing our exterior drainage process.


Yard drains to prevent flooding

This trench shows just how much water can collect just under the surface in your yard, leading to an unhealthy situation for your backyard and potential flooding in your basement. Yard (exterior) drainage can help.

 If your yard is like most in the NJ, Delaware or eastern Pennsylvania areas, your home was built on clay soil. Gravel and clay have really poor drainage.

So, when it rains or you get a lot of snow, the ground around your home simply can’t handle the excess water.

This leads to puddles, soggy soil, damage to your lawn and a lot of pressure on your home’s foundation.

While having a soggy yard can be inconvenient, it is also unhealthy. Sitting water attracts mosquitoes, insects, rodents and snakes. Mosquitoes, especially, can carry disease to your family, children and pets.

It also creates an unhealthy situation for your home’s foundation and your basement.


How Exterior Drainage Systems Help Your Home

Too much water in your yard creates a pressure (called hydrostatic pressure) that pushes into your foundation or basement walls.

Imagine trying to push a beach ball underwater in the ocean. If you take your hands off, it will pop straight up and out of the water.

This is because the water is putting pressure on the ball from the sides and underneath at the same time.

This is hydrostatic pressure and the further you go underground, the more pressure is being put on your basement.

It will push right through stone, brick, concrete and cinder block.


The problem will first show itself with some dampness or a white, powdery residue on the walls or floor. You may see some mold on paneling or dry wall or a pile of dead bugs.

Eventually it will cause the walls and floor of your basement or crawl space to crack and buckle.


Our Exterior Drainage can help you home by:

Exterior Drainage fully installed.

Exterior drainage pipe covered with stone, fully installed.

  • Installing great drains in your yard, your soil is able to handle excess rain water, lessening the pressure on your foundation and basement walls
  • Drainage moves water away from your home’s foundation, also lessening the pressure
  • Your Lawn will benefit because when the water can drain properly, it will not rot the roots of you lawn, trees and plants.
  • Better yard drainage means less basement and crawl space flooding. Flooding and wetness in your cellar leads to structural damage and dangerous mold growth
  • You Get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is Available


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