Repairing a Wet Basement

Is Fixing a Wet, Damp Cellar a DIY Job?

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market is growing every year. Everything from book and music publishing to furniture assembly to car and home repairs are being undertaken by an army of willing  Do It Yourselfers.

  • Many small repairs can and should be done without the help of a professional.

However, for bigger, more serious projects like fixing your wet basement, DIY can quickly turn into OMG!

Dampness, mold, mildew and the foundation repairs that result from having water in your cellar, are problems that must be addressed with the help of a professional basement expert.


  • Many of these repairs require specialized equipment and a well-trained work crew to fix these highly complex problems.

In these cases; and when it comes to repairing a wet basement, it’s best to call in a basement specialist.

Take, for example, waterproofing. Many home owners are lead to believe that the job is  as simple as buying some $50-bucket of waterproofing paint and slapping it on the walls and floor with a roller.

 But, this is a disaster waiting to happen


The “waterproofing paint” only provides a temporary “membrane” around the INSIDE of the basement.

  • The problem is that most basement water issues come from the outside, not the inside. The pressure in the soil around your home cause water to be pushed “inside” the cellar walls where it sits and causes erosion of the cement wall. Repairing a wet basement is not a DIY job!

When this happens, the basement gets wet and damp…mold and mildew sprout…the area gets a strong, musty smell…white streaks and cracks appear on the walls…the entire basement basically becomes a terrarium.

(Click here to learn more about waterproofing paint)

  • Warning: Simply Paining the walls or trying to simply plug the cracks will do no good and will result in major structural damages!

The same goes for dealing with mold and mildew infestation. Once mold takes root, wiping it away with bleach or a commercial mold-cleaner will only kill mold for a few days. Maybe a week, max. The next time moisture hits the cellar, mold will return with a vengeance!

  • Mold is extremely dangerous to your health. Having it in the home for even one day can cause sinus allergies to flair up. Get it out of your home ASAP!


A basement specialist will be able to easily, and more importantly, permanently, kill mold and keep it out of your home.


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