Crawl Space Conversion to Basement

 Is It Possible To Do a Crawl Space Conversion to Basement and…


  • Increase Your Living and Storage Space
  • Easily Add a Full Sized Basement to Your Home
  • Add New Rooms to Your Home
  • Increase Home Value Dramatically

Tired of your small, cramped crawl space?

crawl space conversion to basement

Crawl Space Conversion to Basement, Before and After plus Remodeling.

Would you rather have a full, dry, basement where you can increase living and storage area?

Well, if you have a crawl space, chances are you’ve searched for ways to change it into a basement.

  • That’s what a crawl space dig out can do for you! A dig out is also called a conversion because it literally converts your small, musty crawl space into a beautiful, waterproofed, dry and huge basement!

Changing your crawlspace into a basement is more affordable and easier than ever.

Plus, adding a basement to your home dramatically increases the value. Simply put, Dig Outs offer a great return on investment.

Studies have shown that homes with basements sell for more money. Especially when they’re dry and finished!

By converting to a basement, you’re literally adding a full, extra story to your home, tripling or quadrupling your storage space.

  • For those home owners who’ve been living with that small crawl space, adding a basement to the house will feel like they’ve moved into a brand new home. This is how dramatic of an impact that a crawl space conversion to basement can have on your home.


If you add an outside entrance, it’s also easy to now rent out your new basement. Studies show that in most areas of the U.S., a home owner can rent their basement space for up to 75% of the total mortgage cost

You can now remodel your new basement and:

  • Add an Exercise room
  • Have a Play room for the kids (and reclaim your living room!)
  • Add a home theater/entertainment room
  • And, of course, you’ll get the 25+ percent increase in home value is more than worth the investment to have the job done to begin with.


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