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Snow, Rain and Irrigation Flooding Your Yard? Are You Dealing With a Wet, Damp Basement Any Time the Weather Gets Wet?

Yard drainage is one of the most overlooked factors in keeping your home, your basement, your foundation and your yard dry and damage-free. It is often an essential part of basement waterproofing (and waterproofing your crawl space).



Yard and exterior drain installation

Yard Drain installation in King of Prussia.

Because it is usually assumed that your yard is capable of handling and draining all of the water that hits it during rain or snow storms. But, the truth is, in the King of Prussia area (Collegeville, all of Philadelphia, Montgomery county) has very poor drainage. Most homes in our area are built on clay soils which do not drain well at all and could use basement or crawl space waterproofing along with better drainage.


  • When it rains or snows the ground can not handle the water and it causes the soil to expand.
  • This puts pressure on the walls and floor of your basement or foundation, causing cracking. This is how your basement can go from dry to wet and flooded in a short time.


  • As cracks form on the outside wall, water gets pushed inside the walls, weakening them. Not long after, water will start to get inside of your basement or crawl space.


Yard Drain Installation King of Prussia PA

How can putting in yard (or driveway) drains help keep your home’s foundation damage free and your basement dry?


  • By installing good drains in your yard, you soil is able to drain, lessening the pressure on your foundation and basement walls
  • Drainage moves water away from your home’s foundation, also lessening the pressure
  • Your Lawn will benefit because when the water can drain properly, it will not rot the roots of you lawn, trees and plants.
  • Better yard drainage means less basement and crawl space flooding. Flooding and wetness in your cellar leads to structural damage and dangerous mold growth
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