How to Winterize Your Home

Are You Losing Heat Through Your Basement or Crawl Space?

Temperatures Below Freezing?

Time to Winterize Your Home…


With the cold air blasting your home unrelentingly all day and night, winterizing your home is key for:

  • Saving Money on Energy Bills
  • Keeping Your Roof Free From Damage
  • Keeping Your Warm Air in the Home
  • Protecting Your Basement and Foundation
  • Keeping Mold Out of Your Home


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Here are 9 Ways to Help Your Home Fight the Cold and How to Winterize Your Home:


1. Insulate (The Better the Insulation, the Better Your Home Can Withstand the Cold)

2. Seal Your Windows (Don’t Let Your Money Fly Out the Window! Keep Warm Air in and Frigid Air Outside)

Concrete and cement founation repair3. Insulate Your Pipes (Best Way to Avoid a Burst Pipe)

4. Find and Repair Cracks in the Basement or Foundation (This is Extremely Important for Keeping Your Home Warm and Avoiding Mold Growth)

5.Clean Your Gutters (Important for Keeping Your Foundation Damage-Free)

6. Extend Your Downspouts (Along With Gutters, This is Important For Your Foundation)

7. Have Your Heating Ducts Cleaned (This Will Save You Money on Energy Bills)

8. Clean Your Chimney (Important for Safety and Energy Efficiency)

9. Have Your Furnace Cleaned Professionally (Improves Efficiency of the Furnace, Giving You a Warmer Home for Less Money)

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