How to Winterize Your Doors and Windows

Keep Your Heat Inside and the Cold Out with these Home Winterizing Tips from Home Depot


This winter int he Philadelphia and New Jersey area has been nothing short of crazy. Snow followed by near 70-degree temperatures followed by night time temperatures in the single digits.

This week it’s supposed to dip as low as 5-degrees in some areas.


Save Money on Your Heating and Electric Bills

Letting energy and heat leak out of your home through the windows, doors, or basement can lead to huge electric bills this winter.

If you feel your basement is leaking heat, please click here


For your doors and windows, check out this video from the Home Depot. It gives you tips on how to properly winterize your home and protect your wallet!


For help winterizing your home or making sure your basement isn’t leaking heat and costing you money, please give us a call at 800-700-9171

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