Wine Cellar Restoration Before and After

Do You Have a Wine Cellar or Small Room in Your Basement That is Wet, Moldy, Damp, or Prone to Flooding?


When a wine cellar in Chester County, PA started to get wet whenever it rained, and began to grow mold, the homeowner called us in for help. 

Check out the dramatic before and after pictures from this wine cellar restoration, waterproofing, and mold removal project below:

Wine cellar restoration

This is a colonial home in Chester County Pa. The pictures are of the the root cellar.

Unfortunately for the home owner, the original contractor installed drywall and bricks over the dirt floor which created such a damp and wet environment that grew toxic black mold all over the drywall and the customer’s very expensive wine racks.

Basement Waterproofing Specialists cleaned and saved the wine racks for the customers, preformed a full scale mold remediation tear out, installed out “rough casting ” system over walls and ceiling (vapor barrier, wire mesh, 1 scratch coat , 1 premium white finished coat)

We also:

  • Removed the dirt floor
  • Poured a new concrete floor which includes our level 7 hydrostatic pressure system
  • Installed a code-compliant sealed child-proof sump pit

Here’s what the cellar looked like throughout the restoration, waterproofing, and mold removal process:

Wine Cellar Restoration Before Pic

You can see visible mold on the ceiling of the cellar.

Mold removal from wine cellar

Black mold is visible on the wall and ceiling

Waterproofing wine cellar

Our crew working in the cellar. The basement was waterproofed and the mold was removed. The guys are working on the new floor in this pic.


After wine cellar waterproofing

After: dry floor, dry walls, no mold, and a drainage system installed.


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