Wilmington DE Finished Basement Waterproofing

 On location with Basement Waterproofing Specialists in Wilmington, Delaware


Recently, our waterproofing crew was filmed by a local TV station while helping a homeowner in Wilmington fix their leaky, flooded basement. Here’s what our inspector had to say about the job (video is below):


Hi, I am John from Basement Waterproofing Specialists. Over my shoulder, right here, we do an exterior waterproofing job down in Wilmington, Delaware. We based out of Collegeville Pennsylvania, and we handle interior and exterior basement and crawl space water issues.

In this home, the water was coming into the basement during heavy rains. Since the homeowner has finished the basement with the bathroom, the bedroom, so, the homeowner decided that the exterior waterproofing approach was the best way to handle this project.

Wilmington DE Finished basement waterproofing job

Our crew helping out this homeowner in Wilmington DE with an exterior waterproofing.


Wilmington DE Finished Basement Waterproofing Services

First, we dig the dirt around the foundation down to the bottom of the footer. After all the dirt is removed, we apply a tar to the wall after the wall is cleaned and then we apply a 90 ml rubber membrane to the wall. And that membrane keeps any moisture from migrating through the wall.

To be then installed two isolation boards, which is going to protect that rubber membrane from backfilled damage when we put the dirt back into the trench.

Before we backfill, we install a level seven exterior drainage system in which we put a four inch perforated pipe down by the footer with clean stone and special filters that we design to keep the settlement from climbing the pipes.

These pipes than go into a crock wheel. And as you see in the video, these crock wheels are very deep all the way down to the bottom of the footer.

Inside those crock wheels will be pumps, which will then pump the water away from the house keeping this homeowner’s house nice and dry.

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