Why Your Stone Foundation is Cracking

Is Your Home’s Stone Foundation Becoming Wet and Cracked?


Stone is one of the strongest materials to use when building a home’s foundation. But, it isn’t used much anymore. It is expensive, and, concrete and cinder block foundations are almost as durable and much cheaper to install.

If you have an older home that has a stone foundation and are starting to see problems like cracks and leaks, you should take action right away.


The Problem with Most Stone Foundation Repair Services

The biggest issue is that most repair services focus on patching up the symptoms rather than offering a cure.

Many will simply epoxy or patch small holes and cracks to keep water and pests out. However, this is like putting a band-aid on a sword wound.

Your foundation needs to:

1. Stop Water and Moisture from Getting Inside Your Foundation’s Walls

This happens because water can not drain in your yard properly, your down spouts are not long enough, and the ground around your home is putting pressure on your foundation. All of this leads to cracks forming and water pushing its way inside, weakening the structure.


2. Have Better Drainage

A wet yard that does not drain well will cause soil expansion. The pressure from the expansion is so strong that it will even crack stone.

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