Why You Should Change Your Crawl Space to a Basement

Ready to Get Rid of Your Crawl Space and a Full Basement to Your Home?

Far too many homes in the Philadelphia area, especially in the city, the Jersey shore and arts of northern Delaware were built on crawl spaces. There was a period in time where, in order to save money, home owners and contractors started to build on crawl spaces rather than basements.

But, this only hurt home value (as the home owners later discovered) and living & storage space.

For a long time, the process of converting your crawl space into a basement was ultra time consuming and too expensive. But, we’ve perfected the process to cut out a ton of labor. And, the cost is not only lower, but you will actually make money because of the increase of your home’s value.

Why You Should Change Your Crawl Space to a Basement in the Philadelphia Area

Crawl spaces are horrible for home value. And, hey give you no space to store your things, no living space, and they attract rodents, snakes, insects along with mold, mildew and water.

Is a crawl space dig out possible?And, perhaps worst of all, crawl spaces leak energy – heat and air conditioning – at an insane rate. They literally empty your wallet whilst you sleep. The lack of living and storage space that a crawl space provides dramatically reduces the value of your home.

This is especially true when it comes time to sell. 74% of home buyers list a basement as a “must have” feature. Water gets in the crawl space, leading to mold problems. Those mold problems severely effect the price of your home. Most potential buyers head for the proverbial hills when it comes to mold in the home. These water problems can also lead to structural damages and these further devalue your home. And, they’re expensive to repair.

Crawl space conversions and dig outs are more than worth the money… in fact, they can actually MAKE you money!

In America, the family is getting bigger and bigger. Often, multiple generations are living under one roof. And because of this, Americans are piling up more “stuff” than ever. And, more so than the actual number of family members, our ever-growing need for space can drive you crazy if you have a crawl space.No matter what, it never seems we have enough space to store all of our stuff.Well, if you could wave a magic wand and have a full basement, how much more space would you have!

So, the first huge advantage of a crawlspace conversion is the added space for storage that it provides.

Finally, you’ll have a place to store you things in a safe, dry location.Next up is the return on investment.Changing it into a basement isn’t a cheap job. But, many studies have shown that you get back the cost plus make more money when it’s time to sell.


A Crawl space Conversion will literally transform your home!Imagine for a moment having your home’s value increase dramatically


  • Adding a full extra story to your home
  • Tripling or quadrupling your storage space
  • Adding an Exercise room
  • Having a Play room for the kids (and reclaiming your living room!)
  • Having an home theater/entertainment room


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