Why Is My Foundation Sinking?

Is Your Home Slowly Sinking? Have You Noticed Cracks in Your Foundation?


Sinking foundation is a common problem in the NJ, DE and PA areas. It is especially common in areas like the Jersey shore (from Cape May to Seaside) and areas near a river (Cherry Hill NJ, Pottstown PA, Lewes DE).


Why Is My Foundation Sinking?

There are a few reasons that your foundation will start to sink into the ground:


Sinkding Foundation Repair in PA.

Helping fix a sinking foundation.

Too Much Water: An excess of water in your yard from rain, snow, river overflow, etc. can saturate your yard. The longer it stays wet and soggy, the more your home will sink it. Remember, your house is heavy. The ground under it must be strong to hold everything in place.

  • When that ground gets wet and muddy (especially deep in the ground), the strength of the foundation and the ground that supports it will weaken.

Usually this causes one corner of the foundation to sink, causing cracks. This makes the problem worse because now the foundation is weak and water is getting inside of the walls (where it will then get into your crawl space or basement).

  • Now your basement or crawl space will flood, mold can grow and the entire structure of your home is compromised.


Too Little Water: This is a less common problem, but, during long drought periods, there is too little water in the ground. Think of the long, hot summers in the Philadelphia area. 

  • Weeks can pass with little or no rain. Your trees and shrubs are now desperate for water. Any moisture is soaked up by their roots and this causes the ground around your home to shrink. This is when your foundation “settles.”


If it settles evenly, there’s no problem. But, this rarely happens.

Landscaping, sun exposure and irrigation tend to be different around different ares of your home. Now when the foundation settles, it does so unevenly…. this causes cracks and sinking.


How We Can Help You

  • When your yard is too wet, we can install water management systems and drainage that keep water diverted from your foundation.
  • If you already have structural damages, we can fix your foundation’s cracks and fix your basement or crawl space
  • If your foundation has begun to sink, we can help!


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