Why is My Crawl Space Damp?

Is Your Crawl Space Wet, Damp and Moldy? Does It Flood When it Rains?

If so we can help you fix the problem before it causes major damages to your home’s foundation.


Crawl spaces have a lot of issues. They’re much smaller than basements, so they have less storage and living space. They attract bugs, rodents, insects and snakes seeking a damp, humid place to take up residence.

And, if you’re like most home owners in the NJ, Philadelphia and Delaware areas, your crawl space is also damp. And, moldy. And…flooded.


Why is My Crawl Space Damp?

Crawl space waterproofing Harrisburg PA before and afterDampness is caused by an excessive amount of water or moisture getting into your crawl space. This can happen because your yard has poor drainage, because your crawl space is “open” (common with crawl spaces with doors that open outside), or because our foundation is cracked.

  • Poor drainage in your yard means that water is allowed to cause expansion in the ground around your home. Water will push its way inside of your crawl space or foundation walls, weaken them, then trickle inside.

When dampness is there, you are seeing the early stages of this water problem.


  • Open crawl spaces have no way of stopping water from getting in. And, they do little to prevent bugs and rodents from coming in either. This is very unhealthy as mold will grow from the moisture and the waste left behind from insects and rodents is toxic.
  • If you have cracks in your home’s foundation or crawl space walls, water can easily get in. Once in, it weakens the walls and allows moisture, and eventually enough water to flood, into your crawl space. This is dangerous for your home and unhealthy.


How to Fix The Problem

Our crawl space waterproofing service can help you by:


  • Improving the drainage in your yard (getting rid of excess water will keep your foundation and crawl space from cracking and allowing water inside)
  • Dry your crawl space and get rid of mold (this is key because mold will continue to return unless destroyed. If moisture exists, so will mold)
  • You Get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is Available


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