Why Is My Basement Freezing? 18

Is Your Basement Freezing Cold? 

If So, You May Have Foundation Problems

Your basement should be warm in the winter and cooler than the rest of the house in the summer. 

However, cracks in your home’s foundation can let freezing cold air flood in, while allowing warm air to escape. 

If your basement feels like its freezing, this can cause your heating costs to skyrocket. Plus, it can indicate that you may have leaking problems when it rains. 

There are a few reasons this happens:
  1. Poor Insulation 

If the basement isn’t properly insulated, especially if you use the room as a living or storage Concrete and cement founation repairarea, cold air can and will find any opening to cause freezing temperatures. This can ruin your things, including furniture and can cause pipes to burst which leads to flooding and big repair costs. 

2. Cracks in the Walls or Floors   

Any cracks, even small, can cause heat to escape and cold air to penetrate the basement. 

Small cracks or holes around the windows or outer door can allow a tremendous amount of heat to get out of your house, causing the heating system to work much harder to keep the entire home warm. 


If your basement is a living area, this can make the whole area unbearable in the winter. 

  • Many homeowners turn to space heaters to fix the problem, but this will only cause your electric bill to climb even higher as much of the heat generated will be lost. 

This is also an indication that you’ll have leaking and flooding problems in your cellar. 

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