Why is My Basement Damp? 4

Wet, Damp Basement or Crawl Space Effecting Your Home?


One of the questions we get asked the most in email and at home shows in the Philadelphia, NJ and Delaware areas is, “Why is my basement damp?”


The answer to this question is usually pretty simple:


  • You have water coming in through the walls or floor of your foundation, cellar or crawl space
  • You have an energy leak somewhere in the basement wall or floor
  • And, humidity from outside is infecting the air in your home (this happens in both summer and winter)

These problems affect countless homes in the South Jersey/Philly areas, and, sadly, many home owners allow it to continue. 

Dampness is an early warning sign that:

Luckily, there are some simple ways to find a permanent fix for your dampness problem. But, the job has to be done right.

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Most “DIY” solutions will make the issue worse, not better.

The issue has to be addressed by a professional. One who understands that the problem is more than likely starting on the outside of the basement wall, where it can’t be seen.

If you have a musty smell and dampness, then you have problems on the outside.


Small cracks develop on the wall that meets the dirt around your home. This allows water to get inside the wall.

Soon, it weakens the wall’s structural integrity.

Hazardous Black Mold will soon grow, your air gets “musty” and your basement becomes a danger zone.


How can you fix your wet basement problem?

Sealing up the basement is not a DIY job. You have to address the problems on the outside of the home.


The job can be simple, if you catch the problem early.

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