Why Is a Sump Pump Needed? 1

Why Is a Sump Pump Needed in Your Basement?


Is it really necessary to have a sump pump in your basement?

Is one enough, or do you need a back up?

Isn’t having water in your basement “normal”?

Water is Destructive

Water can be destructive when it comes to your home. Excess water and moisture can lead to:


  • Foundation and basement wall and floor damage
  • Damage to flooring in your home or basement
  • Flooding and damage to your stuff


Water in Your Basement: It’s Not Normal

Despite the old thinking that basements flood occasionally, and that it should not only be¬†expected but it’s also perfectly fine, the truth is that it is not normal to have water in your basement crawl space. In fact, it is dangerous to your health and home.

Keeping water out of your basement is key.

This is where waterproofing, drainage and water management systems come in. They can keep water and mold away and keep your basement dry.

But, in some extreme cases (like the hurricane and tropical storms that hit New Jersey and Philadelphia over the last few years) some waterproofing systems can break down.

This is when a sump pump is key to protecting your home.


Sump Pumps

When water does invade your home in the case of a huge rain or snow storm, it is your sump pump that will help get it out of there before it causes permanent damages.

Sump pumps are there to pump water from in your basement to outside. This is critical because the longer water sits in your basement or crawl space, the more damage it will do.


  • It is best to buy a pump with a cast iron core rather than one made of plastic because the iron will help help spread the heat from the pump to the surrounding water, making the pump last much longer
  • To keep clogs at bay, get a pump that has no-screen and that can handle solids of up to a half-inch in diameter

Should You Have a Back Up?

It’s always a good idea to have a back up sump pump, especially if you can install one that is not powered by electricity but rather by water pressure.

If your primary pump becomes over whelmed or if the power goes off, ,a second pump that works on water power can be a life saver.

A batter back up is also a huge plus for when the storm knocks the power out.


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