Why Does My Basement Smell

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Does Your Basement Stink and Smell Musty After It Rains?


Here’s why that happens and how to fix it:


In the Philadelphia area, many people assume that it is totally normal for their basement to smell bad. In fact, the expression “it smells like a basement” comes from the fact that many cellars in the Philly, NJ and Delaware areas have water problems: leaks, flooding, dampness, etc.



All of those water problems lead to the cause of the bad smell: Mold
Mold growth in your basement or crawl space will lead to a musty smell. This may get worse after it rains or snows. It will also make the air quality of your home really poor.

  • And, worse yet, it does not even have to be truly wet for mold to grow, just humid. The humidity of most basements in the Philadelphia area that are untreated is over 50% (This is an invitation for mold and dust mites to move right in…)


How To Get Your Basement to Not Stink

The easiest way to get your basement to smell good is to get rid of mold, moisture, humidity and water problems.

First, here are a few ways that you should absolutely avoid when fixing your basement:


Avoid anti-mold and waterproofing paints

These are meant to cover organic materials like wood and dry wall. The problem is that it can often trap moisture between the paint and the organic material, producing mold.

And, this paint will not protect your furniture, appliances, cardboard boxes, papers, etc. that you store in your basement; mold will find these and grow.


Exhaust Fans

In the basement, exhaust fans do more harm that good. While they can suck some of the humidity out of your cellar, they’ll also take with it the air conditioned or heated air that is in your home. This will make your energy bills skyrocket.

Plus, the weather outside of your house has to be near perfect, otherwise humidity from outside will make it’s way in.

How Can We Fix the Problem?

We will help you destroy mold and humidity and get your basement back to like-new.


  • We remove both the surface mold and the mold spores that are in your home’s air so that mold is killed and can not return
  • Your basement will be humidified so that the relative humidity stays below 50% (most store bought dehumidifiers are not strong enough to do the job)
  • Your water problem will be fixed (not with paint, but by fixing the source of the problem, i.e., leaky windows, cracks in the walls or floor, poor drainage, etc.)




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We provide mold removal in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Harrisburg, Wilmington, Trenton, West Chester, York, Easton, Newark, and all of the surrounding areas. Please Click Here for a complete list of our service areas.



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