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Basement Wall and Foundation Cracks Happen in 4 Stages…and They Can Happen Fast in Your Home


Many homes in the Philadelphia area, including most of NJ and Delaware, are facing a crisis…their foundations are being damaged by rain, poor drainage, and structural problems that are causing expensive damages.

Even the smallest crack in your basement wall or floor can blossom into a huge, expensive, messy and destructive issue down the road. Studies have shown that structural damages to homes in the U.S. cost over $20 billion every year. The North East (Philadelphia, NJ, NY, DE, etc) account for a great majority of those problems.


Because homes in this area are often built by contractors on clay soils. Clay soil has very poor drainage.

Poor drainage + heavy rains = foundation problems, basement flooding, and mold growth.

Then, to make matters worse, when the basement of your home is built, they’re left with a large trench around the new basement.


  • This area is usually filled in with gravel, clay and other types of soil that have very bad drainage and expand when un-drained water meets temperature changes.


Basically, water from rain, snow, irrigation, etc. gets trapped in the soil around your basement. When the weather gets cold or very hot and humid, the soil will contract then expand. The expansion puts a lot of pressure on your home’s foundation from the outside in.


  • Remember, your foundation is already supporting 100% of your home’s weight. That’s a lot of work!


Now, pressure from the outside becomes too much for your foundation and it literally starts to crack under the pressure.

When is a Foundation Crack Serious?

Here are the 4 stages that cracks go through and how quickly they can ravage your home:


Stage 1

The pressure from the outside will cause cracks to form on the outside walls of your basement.


  • Water gets inside the cracks and will settle at the bottom of the inside of the basement wall
  • The inside wall and floor will start to become damp, paint will peel and you’ll see mold and mildew start to grow


Stage 2


  • Crack on the outside will grows deeper, reaching the inside of the block wall

    Outer wall foundation repair

    Waterproofing the outer wall of this foundation to help repair cracks, leaks, and structural damage.

  • Water can now easily get inside, filling the block
  • Inside wall will now be wet and get some water will get inside your basement


Stage 3


  • The crack grows wider and deeper, and can now be seen on the inside of your basement
  • Water can freely flow through the cracks into your home
  • Wall is weakened and can no longer support the weight of your home


Stage 4


  • The walls of your basement will bow in and buckle, causing a serious hazard for your home
  • The wall can start to crumble
  • Your home is at risk for a foundation failure (your home can sink into the ground, become unstable and can even become condemned)


How We Can Help You Fix Your Foundation


We can stop the cause of your foundation problems by


  • Give you better drainage in your yard, basement and home so that water can no long damage your basement
  •  Fixing the soil around your home
  • And, we are the area’s leader in foundation repair of all kinds


Our special method of stopping wall and floor cracks will absolutely fix the cracks and keep them from spreading. We are a family owned company that truly treats you like a member of our family.


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