What’s the Biggest Benefit to Adding a Basement?

Thinking of Adding a Basement to Your NJ, PA, or DE Area Home?


We recently did an informal poll with some of our past customers who’ve added a basement to their home (after converting it from a crawl space).

We asked them to list the benefits they’ve enjoyed the most from making the change.

The number one reason, almost unanimously, was….

Increased Living Space


  • While many listed the increase in value and the ability to actually have a storage area,the increase in Crawl Space to Basement and remodeling in Marlton NJlivable space was the clear favorite.


This isn’t all that surprising. As our families grow and we buy more stuff, our need for space increases.

But, many times we move into moderately sized or small homes (especially if it’s the first time buying) so that it fits our budget…


…But, then we’re hit with the reality: We need more space!


Many people turn right to putting an addition on the house. But, that can cost you a ton of money.


  • Adding a basement is far cheaper than adding a new kitchen, living room, sun room, bed room, etc.
  • And, when you do change your crawl space into a basement, you now have an area to put all of these new rooms.


When it comes to Philadelphia, especially in the city, it’s much cheaper to put in a basement rather than an addition.


  • They cost is cheaper per square foot, and as anyone who lives in Philly (and most of it’s suburbs) knows, getting permits through the city are a major pain.


In many of the suburbs (the majority of South Jersey especially), dealing with the red tape of the municipal governments to get the permits for a home addition are more trouble than the new room is worth.

When you go with the basement option, you skip all of these headaches.


More living space + Less Headaches?


Just like our customers point out, if you decide to go ahead and convert your crawl space, you’ll enjoy much (2 – 4x’s) more living space in your home.


And, you wont have to deal with the inflated cost or red-tape nightmares of dealing with your town’s municipal government.

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