What Type of Door Should You Choose for Your Outside Basement Entrance

Bilco, French, Wood, Glass, Steel…Which Type of Door Best Fits Your Basement?


Whether you’ve recently remodeled your basement, add one on to the house or are just looking to put in a new door on the outside, it’s important that you choose the right kind for your home.

There are many types of doors you can use for the outside entrance. Take a look at the different types listed below. This will help you choose the right kind for you.



Bilco doors are pre-made and are usually made out of steel.

Bilco door basement entrance

New Bilco door installation in NJ.

They are double doors and can be locked with a  simple latch, or, with a Bilco-specific lock and key set.

These are great for general use.

If you have steps leading down into the basement from the outside and you’ll be using the space for storage or a work area, these doors are perfect.

They’re durable, safe and secure.

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French or Double Doors


If you are using your basement as an entertainment area or you plan to rent the space out, then French style or Double doors can really make it look more like a part of your home than a Bilco or hatch door.

  • This style of door is placed at the bottom of the steps and can open in or out. Usually these are made of a combination of steel and glass.

They give the entrance a more beautiful look and can make it more attractive to potential renters.



What type of material you choose depends on your budget and needs.

  • Steel and metal are the most durable.
  • Wood is less durable, but much cheaper to buy.
  • Glass can make the door look better but will also add to the cost.


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