What Does a Crack in Your Home’s Foundation Mean? 1

Are Cracks In Your Home’s Foundation a Warning Sign of Bigger Problems to Come?


So, you found a a crack or two in your basement or foundation wall…

What does it mean?


It means that you have water damage inside the basement wall that is starting to show itself in the form of cracks.

Despite what many “internet experts” will tell you, repairing cracks simply by putting up some epoxy or “wall glue” will not only not solve the problem, but it will make it worse!


Sure, you’ll feel a little better for a week or two…after all, the crack isn’t showing anymore, so, problem fixed, eh?


How we do foundation repair in Cherry Hill NJ.

Foundation repair services in the Cherry Hill NJ area.

That is quite wrong…and an expensive mistake to make.

 Here’s the real deal on what cracks in your foundation and basement mean for you…

 Cracks happen in 4 stages.


1. Cracks form on the outside of the cinderblock, concrete, or stone (you won’t see this happen, as this is the part of the wall that’s in the ground)

  • Water will now enter the wall, dampening and weakening the inside part of the inside wall


2. Water Fills the Inside of the Wall


  • Water can start to seep inside the foundation or basement
  • Mold can start to grown from the water and wetness that comes through the wall


3. Water Will Cause Cracks to Be Visable on the Inside of the Basement


  • Water flows through the cracks and into the home now
  • The walls become weak and are unable to support the weight of your house


4. Walls Bow

  • The walls will begin to have severe cracks and will bow and possible collapse
  • Structural integrity of the home is weakened and under extreme pressure


The foundation is under pressure from the dirt outside the home, the water that is inside the soil (from rain, snow, etc).


  • The average 8′ deep basement wall is under at least 15,000 lbs of pressure per cubic foot of wall!
  • This is doubled or tripled during rain storms because the rain mixes with the soil, causes it to expand, and puts even more pressure on the walls.


If you think that $10 bottle of epoxy is going to battle 15,000lbs of pressure, you’re living a fantasy…


They key is to get this fixed as soon as you see even the smallest of cracks. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

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