Why Waterproof Your Crawl Space?

Is Your Crawl Space Flooding, Moldy, Damp or Showing Signs of Structural Damage

If so, you have a problem with water in your crawl space that needs to be addressed before it causes foundation problems, health hazards (mold growth is dangerous to your family’s health), and starts to attract rodents, snakes and insects.


  • These water problems will not simply go away. In fact, they get worse over time and can really cause big damages to your home.

Why Waterproof Your Crawl Space?

Water from your yard (from rain, snow, irrigation, plumbing leaks, etc) saturate the ground and cause it to expand. This expansion puts pressure on the walls of your crawl space, foundation or basement.


  • Cracks follow, then water gets inside and starts to weaken the walls.
  • Whenever your crawl space falls into this condition, it will attract insects, rodents and snakes


By waterproofing or encapsulating your crawl space, you keep it dry and safe from water damages. We will make sure that water can no longer cause problems for your home by putting in better drainage and sealing up your crawl space.

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