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Don’t Let Rain Turn Your Basement Into a Wet, Moldy, Dangerous Mess

We were recently called bya home owner in Phoenixville PA to help with his basement. Every time it rained, his family home’s basement would flood. And, this wasn’t an inch or tow… it was a few feet of water. This kind of problem can destroy your home’s foundation, cause electrical and fire hazards, and cause unhealthy mold to grow and flourish in your basement.

Here’s what he had to say: (video can be viewed below text)


Basement Waterproofing and Wet Basement Repair Phoenixville PA Review

Basement Waterproofing Specialists (BWS): Hi sir, how did you hear about Basement Waterproofing Specialists?

Basement Waterproofing Specialist AwardHomeowner: Found you online. Yes, I found online and I compared you to numerous other waterproofing companies and you are coming at the highest reviews of anybody.

And on the top of that, after I found you online, somebody my wife works with and just had you folks do the waterproofing job in their basement and they say it was a strong two or three days later and whatever and not a drop and you had to start to work by that point so that is why we said, – “Okay, we had right people”.

BWS: Awesome. And if you can explain the water troubles that you had in the basement prior to when Basement Waterproofing Specialists came in.

Homeowner: We live in a flood plain. And we had constant water in our basement. Not a damp floor, a wet floor. I mean, and if we didn’t have certain pumps, we would have feet of water, not just inches. And we were just tired of dealing with all of that. It is very high water table to compared to the floor level, and there are places where the water is coming through the wall as well, especially when the rain is hard for several days.

So, once we decided to have you do this, we a lot felt better about the fact that you are coming because even after we signed the papers for the job to be started we still had water on the floor, again, not damped but water, especially in the trouble areas of the floor and it comes through the wall.

  • What I really appreciated about the design that John shows is that this doesn’t just take water out on the floor but the way the system is designed it takes the water that is coming through the walls as well, then right in through the system. That is perfect.


BWS: So, you had an incredible amount of water. And then we have put in a couple of pumps and some minor drain basic waterproofing system that we discussed with you last night. We actually hear it working.

Homeowner: You fellas finished on Wednesday and Thursday night we had a real storm coming through, lighting thunder, pour down of rain for several hours. And we came down here, we can hear your system running, but there is no water on the floor. I mean, there was no water on the floor, which was really eerie to us because we were totally used to find 2-3 inches of water even the pumps going on.

BWS: Absolutely. Awesome, this will also help you sell your home?

Homeowner: Yes, when our kids grow up, we will sell the house. The next two to three, four years and we agree we want to do this now so that we can have the advantage of it, but then it will be a selling point for the house.

BWS: Awesome, another happy customer of Basement Waterproofing Specialists. Thank you.

Homeowner: Yes. Highly recommend you folks to anybody.


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