Video: Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

Want to Sell Your Home? Improving Your Curb Appeal Can Get You More Money for Your House


The term curb appeal has become very popular with the “sell your home” shows on the HGTV network. It simply means making a better visual impact on potential buyers when they drive by or pull up to your home.

First impressions are invaluable.

A better front can lead to a lot more money when selling your home.


This video from the Home Depot gives you some quick ideas for improving¬† your home’s curb appeal without spending a ton of money.



After you’ve improved your curb appeal, it’s time to really increase your home’s value.


Did you know that fixing your home’s foundation and/or waterproofing your basement can increase your home’s value by 25% or more?

A wet, moldy, damp basement or cracked foundation really hurts your home’s value and can make it much harder to sell. Realtors and buyers alike know that a home with these problems can be expensive to fix, especially if they don’t know how long the problem has been going on.


We Can Help You!

  • We can waterproof your basement and get rid of the dampness, mold and water (this alone will dramatically increase value)
  • We can fix your foundation, getting rid of cracks and leaks (this is huge when it comes to selling your home!)
  • You get a Free Estimate and Financing is available


Just give us a call at 800-700-9171 for your Free Inspection.


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