Video: Do You Need Basement Mold Removal?

Basement Mold Is a Huge Health Hazard

It can even be lethal to some (such as pets, the elderly, and small children).

Why Our Basement Mold Removal Method Will Work for Your NJ, PA, or DE Area Home

As Ken said in the video above, we rather than just spray the mold in your basement with a commercial cleaner, or bleach, we actually kill it and use a Full Negative Air Containment system.

This means that prior to us removing the mold in your basement or crawl space, we cover every surface with plastic. When mold is treated, though it can disappear from the walls or ceiling, it’s spores remain in the air. These spores travel though your air conditioning and heating ducts, which means they are pumped into the main air supply in your home. Your family breathes them in, causing a multitude of health problems.

The best source of food for mold is actually dead mold spores, so when the remaining live spores land on the stuff that was killed, new colonies form quickly. This is why you see mold coming back within 2-weeks if you simply spray it with bleach.

We use plastic to cover your surfaces, along with specialty blowers that carry the spores out of your home. We are able to sterilize whatever remains. This means mold is gone for good.


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