Video: 3 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Worried About Your Home While You’re At Work or On Vacation?


This quick video from Home Advisor and Basement Waterproofing Specialists gives you 3 fast tips to keep your home safe while you’re away. 

After the video, we’ll give you a 4th bonus tip that is key to home safety… and overlooked by 90% of homeowners:

Bonus Tip: Protect your home by installing new basement doors

Your basement represents an easy way into your home. Thieves often slip through shoddy Bilco doors, or simply push their way past old, delegated cellar doors. 

However,r when you install new basement doors – Bilco or Full Door – you secure your home by making entry into your basement virtually impossible. 

We can help you install your new cellar doors. Simply fill out the form below to claim your Free Estimate:

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