Vented Crawl Space Repair

Is Your Vented Crawl Space Flooding or Experience Any of These Problems in the PA, NJ, or DE Areas?


1. Moisture

Your crawl space is probably prone to getting wet. Moisture is common, and can cause a lot of problems such as:


  • Dangerous mold growth
  • Weakened foundation walls
  • Flooding


Solution: You should have yoru crawl space waterproofed, and have better drainage put in around your home’s foundation. Too much water in your yard or around your crawl space leads to flooding, mold growth, and foundation damage.


2. Damaged Insulation

One of the biggest problems with a chronically damp crawl space is that the insulation that keeps your home from dealing with the harsh temperatures outside, can fall.

It doesn’t take much mositure for insulation to start coming un-stapled, then fall off the roof of your crawl space.

This leads to increased energy costs in your home.


Solution: Re-install your insulation after dealing with the moisture and water issues.


3. Reptiles and Rodents

Wet, damp, open (vented) crawl spaces are a safe haven for snakes, bugs, rodents, and other unwelcome guests. If you go into your crawl space, you’ll more than likely find rodent waste, insect remains and maybe a snake skin or two.

Remember, once they’re down there, it does not take much for them to find a way into your house. This is dangerous and hazardous to your family’s health.


Solution: Waterproof your crawl space and encapsulate the area. This will keep water at bay and chase away the insects, reptiles, and rodents.


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