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Is Your Basement Flooding in West Chester?

You Need a Sump Pump and Waterproofing

If your basement is:

  • Flooding
  • Leaking
  • Wet or damp
  • Has mold growth
  • Has cracks in the walls or floor that allow water inside your cellar

Then you need to have your basement waterproofed and a sump pump installed.

Waterproofing is the Best Defense

Waterproofing and water management systems are the first line of defense against water damages in your basement. This is because they address the cause of the problems: pressure on your foundation and excess water.

When too much water is in your yard, it makes the ground expand and puts pressure on the basement and foundation walls. They crack and let water seep in. Over time, those small leaks turn into flooding.

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  • Flooding causes major damage to your home. And, it will cause health problems because water problems lead to mold growth, which is toxic to you and your family.


Sump Pump Installation West Chester PA

Waterproofing will keep water out. But, in the case of an emergency like a rain storm, heavy snow,  a hurricane or tropical storm, it is a good idea to have a back up plan.

That plan is a sump pump.


  • Your sump pump will take the water that gets into your basement and force it outside, far away from your home.
  • This is very important because allowing water to sit in your basement or crawl space will bring on the mold and structural damages very quickly.
  • We can install a sump pump in your West Chester home. Our pumps are heavy duty and are clog resistant
  • Our inspectors offer you a Free Estimate on your waterproofing and sump pump installation


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