Sump Pump Installation Green Lane PA

Review of Our Sump Pump Installation Service in Green Lane PA


Anita from Green Lane PA was having a problem with her sump pump. She was also experiences some unhealthy mold growth in her basement. She called us for help


Here’s what she had to say:

(Basement Waterproofing Specialists) Removed existing sump pump, installed a new, encased sump pump and large sized Sump pump installationdehumidifier.  Provided an ozone treatment.

Removed existing sump pump that was open on top – water was causing mild mold issue.  They dug a hole deeper for a new sump pump warrantied for life, and enclosed the sump pump.  They were neat, and tidy with their work down there.

They also did an ozone treatment to kill the existing mold spores and turn them to dust. I had to leave the house, which was uncomfortable for me, but they left too, and in a few hours it was done.
It worked very well.  
I am happy with the dehumidifier and the salesman was not at all pushy.  He didn’t try to oversell us, and was very honest about our mold situation.  
I highly recommend Adam to come out and inspect your home for mold.  He knows what he’s doing and is quite trustworthy.

Sump Pump Installation Green Lane PA

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