Summer Storms Soak Your Yard, Damage Your Foundation

Each summer in the Philadelphia region, storms ranging from mild, passing rain to the disastrous Hurricanes and tropical storms, blanket the area. All of that rain adds up to make a mess in your yard, and can have destructive effects on your home’s basement and foundation.

From May to September, the Philadelphia, NJ, and DE area can swing from dry, arid, and drought-like, to wet and over-saturated overnight. The last three summers have been especially flood-prone. Floods can damage your foundation, and leave your yard soggy, and a magnet for bugs and mosquitoes.

Infographic of Basement WaterproofingThis change in conditions is hard on your home. The ground that surrounds your foundation becomes warm, dry, and will shrink due to the lack of water. Then, rain storms hit and dump a significant amount of water on your yard.

That formerly dry dirt becomes heavy with rain, which causes it to swell. This is known as soil expansion.

When your soil expands, it places a great deal of pressure on your foundation walls and basement floor. Pressure is coming in from the sides, and from below. This is called Hydrostatic pressure. Think of trying to hold a beach ball underwater in the ocean.

The pressure from all directions causes the ball to shoot out of the water and into the air.

This same type of pressure is at work on your home’s foundation all year long. In the summer, the rapid changes puts even more stress on the concrete, brick, old terra cotta, or cinder blocks that make up your home’s foundation.

Cracks will begin to form on the outside of the walls (underground). You may start to see some above ground as well.

Water from the ground can now seep into your basement walls. It will run downward, collecting at the bottom. Rain water is acidic, so when it pools at the bottom of your walls, it will corrode them, even if they are made of strong materials like stone or brick.

Over time, cracks will develop inside of your basement/foundation walls.

Water will now push its way into your home.

Often, you won’t see the full effects until winter, but once the problems start, they’ll get worse until you have them fixed.


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