Summer Home Foundation Cracks

Summer in NJ, DE, and PA Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home’s Foundation


Summer rains + heat & humidity = massive ground expansion and contraction.

What does that mean for your home?

The more rain that saturates the ground, the more the soil around your home swells and expands.

That expansion puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your basement and foundation walls & floor.

These cracks spread and grow quickly, leading to water getting into your basement walls, flooding, dangerous mold growth, a slew of other basement & foundation problems.

Check out these videos. They’ll show you how dangerous home foundation cracks can become in the Summer in the PA, NJ, and DE areas. Plus, they’ll show you how to fix them, fast.. before it’s too late:

Here’s what happens when water gets into your basement walls through your home’s foundation cracks:

We can help keep your home’s foundation safe this summer:


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