Stop Breathing In Mold

Is Basement Mold Sending Out Harmful Toxins Into the Air of Your Family’s Home?

The Silent Invader.

Mold, and all of it’s invasive little spores, can quickly take over your home. And, it can really destroy your family’s health.

Mold reproduces and grows by giving off spores. They are microscopic, so you won’t be able to see them.

But, you can be sure they’re there. Ever left a cup with water or soda out over night, only to find mold growing on the surface. That’s how fast it happens…

Mold remediationThe spores are in the air of your home, they land everywhere. If some of those places have any moisture, more mold grows.


  • Even if the mold started it’s life in the basement, it will get into the rest of the home. Air in the basement is circulated throughout the home.


What’s most disturbing is, this means you’ll be breathing in all of those tiny spores. This can kill you.

All kinds of health issues are caused by mold.


  • Asthma
  • Sinusitus
  • Allergies
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Lingering Throat Aches
  • Allergy symptoms that never go away…

And yes, even death. Mold hits kids and pets really hard and can slowly poison them.


Most mold remediation services don’t kill the spores in the air.


We do. Check it out:

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