How To Stop Your Basement From Leaking This Summer 1

Don’t Let Summer Rains and Humidity Give You a Leaky Basement


Every summer in the Philadelphia area, basements spring leaks, leading to structural damage and mold growth. We can help you solve this problem; here’s how:

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What Causes Your Basement to Leak?

Water and clay team up to destroy your foundation and basement walls. It probably seems unreal…simple clay soil and water breaking through concrete or stone…but, it happens all the time.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, the condition of the soil around your home and the effectiveness of your drainage is the most important factor in keeping your basement dry.



Because that soil can expand when mixed with too much water from rain, snow or irrigation. That pressure builds up and cracks the walls of your home’s foundation from the outside.


Then water can push it’s way inside the walls. It will pool at the bottom, forming a small river of acidic, destructive water that will soften the cinder block, stone, brick, etc. that makes up your foundation.


Do Basement Leaks Really Damage Your Home?

The biggest misconception out there is that leaky basements (or crawl spaces, foundations, etc.) are ok…just part of having a basement.

But, the truth is, those leaks can absolutely destroy your house.


They can:

  • Lead to your home sinking
  • Damaged floors (both in the basement and the floors above it)
  • Mold growth
  • Bowed walls (this will get your home condemned and un-livable)


How Can You Fix the Problem?

Waterproofing your basement or crawl space is the easiest way to stop the leaks and to protect your foundation. Prevention and early detection are key.

The faster you find and fix the problem, the less expensive it will be to fix.

We can also repair your foundation so that the leaks and damages are gone for good…protecting your home from damage and increasing it’s value.

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