Snakes in Your Crawl Space?

Do You Have a Damp, Moldy Crawl Space That Floods Often?

Is your crawl space open?

Are there cracks in the walls that allow dangerous pests to enter your home?

Did you know that a damp or wet crawl space (especially if your crawl space has a dirt floor), is a haven for spiders, insects, and dangerous snakes?

Check out this video. One of our inspectors was helping a home owner waterproof and encapsulate their crawl space in Delaware. When the inspector went to grab his tool box, he saw this rather large snake eating a frog:

Do You Want to Keep Snakes Out of Your Cellar or Crawl Space?

We can help you!

Encapsulating, drying, and waterproofing your basement or crawl space is vital to keeping snakes and other dangerous animals out of your home. 

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