Sidewalk Repair Service in NJ

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A Broken, Cracked, Uneven or Damaged Sidewalk is a Big Liability If You’re a Home Owner


In many of the municipalities, townships and cities in New Jersey, the home owner is responsible for sidewalks and walkways on their properties. They are also liable for any injuries that occur on these walkways.

  • We are happy to announce that we have expanded our sidewalk repair service to all of NJ, including Trenton, Vineland, Toms River, Edison, Saddle River and all of the areas in between.


What are the dangers of a broken or uneven sidewalk?


Tripping is the most obvious danger. But, simply falling and scraping your knee or elbow is far from the worst that can happen.


  • Every year, deaths occur from falls on cracked sidewalks and walkways in NJ. Ice, uneven cement, cracks, holes, etc. can contribute to someone falling in your yard.
  • And, every year, home owners are sued for these problems (fixing the problem can save you thousands of dollars and can even save your home!)


The elderly and children are especially susceptible to falling. And, they are also the most at risk for serious injury and death from falling.


How to Fix the Problem


  • Have your sidewalks and walkways inspected by a professional (we can spot the problems and potential problems)
  • Have the problem fixed by a pro (often, people simply re-pour a slab of cement, but this is a band-aid)
  • By addressing the root cause, you can fix the problem long-term (simple concrete replacement doesn’t address the reason that the sidewalk had problems…this is key!)
  • Make sure your yard doesn’t flood (this is often a cause of walkways, sidewalks and driveways breaking; we can install yard drains for you, if needed)




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We service the entire NJ region along with Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Click Here for a full list of our service areas, please.




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