Sidewalk Repair Doylestown PA

Cracked or Uneven Sidewalk or Driveway in Your Doylestown PA Area Home?

Don’t let a small crack become a huge liability! In Doylestown, as well as most other cities, you are responsible for injuries that result from falls on your sidewalk or driveway.

We can help you fix the problem, get your sidewalk and driveway up to code, and help prevent the problem from ever returning.


Why Your Sidewalk Cracks or Becomes Uneven

Your sidewalk can break or have slabs pushed up higher than the rest for a few reasons:


  • Damaged Sidewalk Repair in Doylestown PAOvergrown Tree Roots – Big trees near your home can have huge roots that are actually strong enough to push up slabs of cement. This can cause uneven cement pads in your sidewalk, creating a huge tripping hazard. Roots can also cause the cement/concrete to crack which also creates a dangerous situation
  • Drainage Problems in Your Yard – Too much water causes the ground under your sidewalk to swell. It can also make your yard soggy. This causes parts of the sidewalk to sink and others to get pushed upward. This, again, leads to cracks and uneven parts that cause a tripping hazard.


Your driveway is effected by similar problems, though drainage is usually the bigger cause.


Sidewalk Repair Doylestown PA

Here’s how we can help fix your sidewalk and driveway:

  • Replace broken slabs
  • Install drainage so that the ground under your sidewalk or driveway does not expand, pushing up on sections of the concrete
  • You get a Free Estimate and Financing is Available


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We offer sidewalk and driveway repair along with exterior drainage and water management systems in Doylestown, New Hope, Newtown, and all of Bucks County as well as all of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Berks and Chester counties. We also serve all of New Jersey and Most of Delaware. Free Estimates available to all home owners.




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