Selling Your Home? Don’t Let a Wet Basement Devalue It!

A Wet, Damp, Moldy Basement Can Drastically Reduce Your Home’s Value

Selling your home can be a stressful thing to do.


Will I get enough money for the house?

…What If it takes a long time?

…The market is bad, maybe I won’t make enough to put a down payment on the new house…


The worries can be endless.  …And, it can seem like the repairs you need to make in order to sell your home can be endless as well.


Most of us concentrate on the cosmetic…new paint, staging the living room, cleaning up the front yard for better curb appeal.

Yet most home owners forget to take care of what called the third biggest reason a home loses value…water damages in the basement.


Why does a wet basement cause a home to lose value?

  • Studies by realtors have shown that people want to envision themselves living in the house when they see it. (If you make them work too hard to see themselves in a clean, beautiful, ideal home, they’ll find someplace else to live)
  • Signs of water damages in the basement, flooding, or mold can cause a dramatic (25% or more) drop in the selling price of the home (If the buyer has to repair the damages, they could be on the hook for $10,000+)


If you’re currently trying to sell and you have water damage, don’t worry…the flip side of the coin is that repairing the damage doesn’t just bring the value of your house up to normal, but actually increases it!


  • Usually this increase ranges from 12 – 31% (obviously, that means a lot more money in your pocket)
  • A clean, dry basement gives your potential buyer the image of a huge, clean living space along with a great, safe storage area.


You can do this by having drying your basement and waterproofing it so that the buyer is guaranteed that it will stay dry and free of flooding and water damages in the future.


We can help you with any of your basement water issues in all of NJ, PA and Delaware.

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