How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow on your roof can lead to roof collapse and leaking.

Snow is heavy, and as it melts the water can be too much for the shingles on the roof, allowing water to leak inside the home into the attic or inside the walls. This can ruin your walls and cause mold growth.

  • Getting snow off of your roof quickly is key.

But, this can be dangerous.

  • Do not simply climb up on your roof and shovel it off. This leads to serious injuries and death ever winter in the Philadelphia area.


Check out this video. It shows how to safely rake snow off of your roof, relieving the pressure on the home and keeping you free from injury.

  • If you need help with mold issues, or the snow in your yard is leading do drainage issues or basement flooding, please give us a call at 800-700-9171 for a Free Estimate


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