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A Customer Reviews Basement Waterproofing Specialists on Angie’s List


One of our customers sounds off about his family’s experience with our family’s basement waterproofing services. The review is taken directly from Angie’s List, unedited for content. By the way, we have an “A” rating on and over 80-reviews. Thanks to everyone that took the time to leave us a review.


Review of Basement Waterproofing Specialists in York Pennsylvania on Angie’s List

I am a “Hands on” type homeowner.  However, I know when a job is difficult enough that I need to contract out the work.  Dealing with water table and basement drainage is an area that can cause big trouble if done wrong. 

Therefore, I realized I needed to ask a contractor to take on the problem I had with damp spots and a high water flow rate into the primary sump pit during heavy rains.
To develop a plan and to select the group that would do the job I interviewed 2 contractors.  The first contractor (not Basement Waterproofing Specialists).  Provided a good plan and an excellent price (about $3K).  However they never seemed to have the time to answer any of my follow up questions and therefore I gave up on them as a real option to do the work. 

I got the impression that the price they had quoted was too good.  Not enough profit for them to bother with the job.
I then attended a community event where Basement Waterproofing Specialists (BWS) was a sponsor. 
A Rating for Basement Waterproofing Specialists on Angie's list

Because I had given up on the first waterproofing contractor, I decided to at least sign up with BWS to get an estimate.  BWS got back to me in a timely manner and sent out an inspector to review my current problem and propose a solution.  The proposed approach was more extensive than
had been proposed by the first group and came with about a 50% higher price

 However, I recognized that the BWS approach was a more robust design and I recognized that the first contractor had probably not built in enough profit in their bid to make my job worth them
I contracted with BWS to implement their design. The crew arrived on the date specified.  They did an excellent job draping the work area in the basement to minimize the possibility of dust and dirt being transported all around the basement and the rest of the
house.  They jack hammered the portion of the floor to install the perforated pipe and then dug out the gravel and dirt. 

Then they installed the pipe and sump pit.  The installation was relatively complicated because the additional radon abatement system
requirements. This was a highly manual operation and the two fellows
worked very hard. 

All the gravel and concrete needed to be moved through my home?s entry hall and down the cellar
stairs.  The work crew did a good job accomplishing the movement of the materials without soiling, or damaging either the hall, or the stairs.
The crew completed the drain and sump pit and sump pump installation in about 7 hours.  There was a second crew that was supposed to take care of the defect in the wall.  The second crew did not show up when expected and the first group needed to leave.  My sense was at that point the first crew started to rush and forgot some final details.  Nothing significant, but kind of a nuisance for me.
I arranged for the second BWS crew to return a week later and fix the defect in the wall, and tie up remaining loose ends.  The second crew arrived at the agreed upon date and time.  They addressed the details that had been missed by the first crew and completed the work on the defect in the wall.
I am satisfied with the work performed by Basement Waterproofing Specialists.  They appeared to be quite capable of installing very complicated water drainage systems and they were certainly hard workers. In addition, they responded quickly to tie up
the project’s loose ends.


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