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Did You Know That Mold in Your Attic Can Be Lethal?


Here is how to find out if your attic has mold and how to remove it safely

Mold loves your basement and your attic. Both have ventilation and heat & moisture issues, and both are not frequently checked for any problems (when is the last time you inspected the walls, ceiling and flooring in your attic?)


How to Find the Problem


Figuring out if there is any mold, where it’s located and what type it is will be key to keeping your home safe.

Attic Mold removal in Collegeville PAMold loves to find areas that are humid and have moisture. It spreads by producing spores that float through the air, landing on new surfaces that have moisture an then growing a new colony.

The process repeats itself over and over unless mold and it’s spores are killed.

The underside of roof sheathing is a great area for mold to grow.

Poor ventilation, high temperatures and humidity (especially in summer), or poorly installed insulation can allow water and moisture to accumulate in this area, attracting mold.

It can also grow on the walls or flooring of your attic, especially between the insulation and wood.


How to Get Rid of the Problem


First, know that reproving mold from your attic (or basement) is not a project to tackle alone. It can be dangerous and actually make the problem worse.


Many do-it-yourself sites recommend spraying a bleach solution an wiping away the mold. But, this will backfire because mold’s spores are still in the air, and, it will simply return once the spores land, sometimes even more powerful because you just added a liquid to the wood.

Also, attics are usually difficult to work in because they are small, have poor footing an have really poor ventilation.

What you should do?



  • We can find the mold and destroy it safely (we ventilate the attic and make sure that all of the polluted air is taken outside of your home, not inside where you and your family will breathe it in)


  • Our special system of killing not on the mold but it’s spores will keep it from returning to your attic (failure to kill the spores, as most companies do, will result in mold returning very quickly)


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We offer Attic Mold Removal in West Chester, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York, Lansdale, Easton and the entire Philadelphia area.


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