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Have a Damp, Wet, Moldy or Flooded Basement in the Reading PA Area?


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Recently, we had to help a home owner in the Milmont neighborhood of Reading with their basement.


It seems that when the Schuylkill river was overwhelmed with melted snow and rain this winter the ground in Reading because overly saturated. When the snow and rain continued, the ground swelled and caused basement and foundation problems.


  • The water found it’s way into their basement walls, which caused leaks and some mold growth between the basement wall and the drywall. Water can get into your basement anytime that it rains, or snows, because the soil around your home may be overwhelmed with water, causing the ground to expand. Expansion = pressure on your basement walls and floor, and the pressure pushes both into the walls, and up into the floor.
  • This is a dangerous situation because it means that big time foundation problems (cracks, holes, bowing walls) are right around the corner.


Plus, with water getting in, mold can grow and spread fast, causing health problems for you and your family.

Luckily, they called us early before any major foundation problems took root.


Here’s How We Fixed the Problem with the Foundation:


  • We were able to fix the soil around their home, removing any air pockets that water can fill and put pressure on the foundation
  • We installed a footer drain inside the walls (This keeps water from sitting inside the basement walls, weakening the structural integrity)
  • We de-flooded the basement with our unique waterproofing systems capable of moving over 24,000 gallons of water out of a basement in an hour! (That is an average swimming pool worth of water pumped out in one hour!)
  • We braced and waterproofed the outside walls of the basement so that any pressure that remains would not be able to crack the foundation


Over a year later, their basement is still body-dry and mold free!


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Reading PA Basement Waterproofing Review from Angie’s List:


Our basement, despite “waterproofing” which had been done approximately 5 years prior, still was getting water when it rained.  Our basement is not a finished basement.  Home is about a 100 yr. old duplex and on a lot of “clay”.  We had water coming in from other side as well as exterior walls and rear of home which had been dirt. Even though we had dirt area cemented from previous company, this was still happening.  Hence, some mildew/mold.  Basement Waterproofing Specialists came in and cleaned mold with Antimicrobial Spray, dug out all previously installed flexible piping and extended area down down middle of home which had not been done by other company. 
Replaced all tubing with hard pvc piping with holes and covered with gauze material. 
This was all hidden underground and they re-cemented and installed drain panels and roughcoated all walls 1/2 up.  Previously had one sump pump at front of house.  They installed one in back and replaced the one in front.  Back sump pump pushes all water from rear down to front and that sump pump pumps out of house. 
Member Comments: 
The whole job took about 3 days.   At the end of the lst day, an inspector from the Company came to see how things were going.  Turns out the workers had forgotten to place gauze material over piping in some areas already covered by the loose stone.  When we questioned him about that, he immediately agreed that that should have been done and told us it would be corrected next day.  The workers very meticulously uncovered and fixed the problem. The process of covering all piping and cementing and rough coating as well as installation of inground sump pumps went off without a hitch.  The gentlemen who performed the work were from the Philadelphia area.  They were of a Polish origin and two of them did not speak the best of English. 
However….and I can’t emphasize this enough…….they were always prompt, (even with a 2 hour+ drive)  courteous and while not young men,  were  the hardest working guys I have seen in a long time.   This was very dirty, tedious, backbreaking work and their work ethic was Amazing!!!
We have since gone though Hurricane Sandy.  While our area was not the most hard hit, we had not one drop of water with all the rain.
And that is even though the other half of the house did!!!