Read This Before You Finish Your Basement

Remodeling Your Basement is One of the Best Ways to Instantly Increase Living Space & Improve the Beauty of Your Home


Your basement has the potential to:


  • Add living space
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Increase Storage Space
  • Become a possible money-maker for you

“But My Basement is a Disaster”


I know, you may be thinking that your basement is currently musty, dirty, messy and filled to the rafters with boxes of “stuff.”

But, we can turn even the biggest basement-disaster-areas into beautiful, finished living spaces.


(If you currently have a crawl space but want a basement, click here for help)


Making Your House Bigger


  • One of the biggest benefits you’ll get is that remodeling is far cheaper than putting on an addition (sometimes as much as $20/sqFt cheaper)


So, if you want to expand your house, finishing the cellar is much more cost effective and gives you a much better return on investment.

Adding a new basement to your home.

You can use the new space to add many different rooms, for example:


  • Living Rooms
  • Extra Bathroom</span>
  • Living Room/Entertainment Room
  • Kids’ Playroom
  • Home Office
  • Home Gym


Or, you can simply make it one big room to watch movies, hang out with your family and friends and a nice, cool place to go in the summer.

Notice that by remodeling and adding additional rooms, it frees up a room in the main house, doubling your new space!


Great Return on Investment and Possible Income


A clean, finished, waterproof basement increase your home’s value by at least 25%.

It gives you a great resale value. Even when the housing market is down, your home will sell for more if the basement is in good shape.


You can even use the new basement to make money. Many people rent out the basement (if a bedroom and bathroom is added, it becomes a nice apartment).

Studies show that basement rooms/apartments can be rented out for roughly 70% of the cost of the monthly mortgage. That’s a lot of extra cash in your pocket each month.


A Safe Place to Put Your Things


If you’re like most home owners, you’re always looking for more space to store your stuff. The more we buy, the more we have to find places to put things.

This is a huge benefit of remodeling...the ability to store your stuff in a dry area, safe from water, moisture and mold.


How We Can Help You


  • We can do a full remodel on your basement.
  • You’ll get a Free Estimate
  • We make sure that it’s waterproofed so that your new rooms are not ruined (Nothing will ruin new flooring {carpet, laminate, hardwood} in the cellar faster than water and moisture)
  • Financing is available

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