Protect Your Pets from Dangerous Basement Mold

Craw Space and Basement Mold Can Be Lethal for Your Pets


We’re always thrilled to meet fellow pet lovers 🐶🐱🐰🐢🐴

So, when we had the pleasure of helping local author Heidi Kristian Mottin’s mother solve her basement problems, we were ecstatic.

Heidi wrote “Rescuing Reed: The Little Dog Who Could” 📖

Rescuing Reed Dog Book

… a beautiful story of how Heidi, a local animal volunteer, and her husband decided to adopt a black Pit Bull named Reed who was living at the shelter for 4 LONG years. 😔

No one wanted poor Reed, but Heidi and her husband stepped up and took a chance on him.

🎉Now, Reed is a therapy dog living the good life!

Congratulations to Heidi on publishing her book, and to Reed for finally finding the forever home he deserves. 🐶😍

reed dog book

Have pets? We’d love to meet em!

Water problems in your cellar or crawl space leads to mold growth, which is extremely harmful 😷to your fur babies.

Mold is pretty tough on humans, too… especially kids and the elderly. 

However, for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals, mold poisoning can be downright lethal. Your pets defense systems are smaller, and can be overwhelmed by the toxic spores that mold uses to grow and expand. 

Your pets breathe in these spores, and they wreak havoc with your pets’ immune system, respiratory systems, skin, and even their internal organs. 

It’s scary… but you can remove this threat 100% – fast and easy. 

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