Philadelphia Basement Waterproofing Review

What Happens When a Philadelphia Row How Sits Above a River, Causing The Basement to Flood?


Regina Brown’s home had a water problem in the basement. Her home was situated above Mill Creek. Any time a house is built on a river, creek or other water source, flooding and foundation problems are soon to follow.

We were fortunate enough to be able to help Regina fix her water problems and stop the flooding. Here’s what she had to say on our Facebook page:


Regina J Brown 5 star

I realized a better than expected experience employing the services of Basement Waterproofing Specialists to address my water issue in my Philadelphia row-home basement. I had a two-fold problem; (a) Mill Creek runs under my house and (b)

Facebook review of Basement Waterproofing specialists in Philadelphia

Regina was nice enough to post pictures of her basement, post waterproofing and drainage installation.

occasional flooding I unfortunately realized resulting from one of my neighbors having their own water management problems which migrated over to my basement, flooding it on more than a couple of occasions.

The basement water management system that was installed is also know by some as a French Drain Installation.

The team headed up by Project Manager, Scott was awesome! They were ultra professional and courteous from start to finish – performed an awesome job and gave me better than expected results.

They covered everything with plastic, even created a protective barrier against fine dust leading to my 2nd floor.

I never would have chosen this company if it were not for their awesome representative, Inspector Patrick DeSantis, one of the most significant faces of Basement Waterproofing Specialists. He is the man – the epitome of professionalism!

  • I interviewed three companies in total before deciding to go with Basement Waterproofing Specialists. I knew that after talking with the other guys and then after speaking with Inspector DeSantis, there was no comparison as to the workmanship and quality of product I would realize with his company.

Inspector DeSantis really knew his product knowledge and patiently answered all my many questions. He forthrightly gave me undiluted information so I could make an intelligent, informed decision. The other guys tried to use fear factors to play on my emotions and yet another company just allowed me to drop between the cracks (never got back to me).

  • I can’t say enough about my very positive experience I had with Basement Waterproofing Specialists. I look forward to referring them to family, friends, and the world!

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